Do you want to get your favorite YouTube videos in MP3 and load them to your phone? With iMdownloader, load your cellphone with your favorite; you can easily download high-quality MP3 files you like and transfer them to your phone in minutes.

Install iMdownloader on your Mac or Windows

iMdownloader is a free and reliable YouTube downloader that enables you to download your favorites from YouTube as high-quality MP3 files. It has an intuitive interface yet has some handy functions. We will introduce how to download songs from YouTube to iTunes with iMdownloader.

Steps 1. Download and Install iMdownloader

Get the software free and fast through the following buttons, iMdownloader supports Mac and Windows.

Then, follow the instructions to complete the installation. Sit tight, and then it won’t take long.

imdownloader win install 2

Steps 2. Launch Downloader

Open iMdownloader, when the interface comes out, click Downloader.

downloader homepage.png

Paste the link of the video that you want to download and click analyze.

paste dailymotion url

Steps 3. Start Downloading

After the analysis finishes, choose the Audio option, and you can configure the quality and format of the audio file you want. Then click Download to start downloading.

configurate downloading settings

Steps 4. Add Songs to Your Library

After you finish downloading, click Finished, and you can view all the downloaded files. Click Open to navigate to the song’s location.

dailymotion downloaded

Load Your Phone with Songs

Steps 1. Launch the Apple Music app.

mac music

Choose the file from the menu bar, then click Import to add the songs to your library. Or you can directly drag the song from its location to the interface.

mac music men -bar

Steps 2. Transfer the Songs to Your iPhone

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open finder and find the phone icon on the left, then click at Sync.

mac music sync

If this is the first time you connect your phone. Check Sync music onto iPhone first, then click apply.

mac music turn on sync

Congratulation! Now your favorite songs from YouTube are on your iPhone and ready for listening.

ready for listening

# In the End

Hope this article can help. If you have questions about downloading YouTube videos in MP4, you can refer to this

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