If you are into listening to music, YouTube is probably the best place for you to go. Countless music videos can be found here, and you can always find the one you like here. However, when you are thinking about downloading music to your computer, you probably won’t think about YouTube because people typically think it’s forbidden or quite inconvenient to download from YouTube. Today, we are going to show you an easy and effective way to rip music from YouTube to your computer.

The Best Way to Download YouTube Music as MP3

iMdownloader is a reliable and versatile YouTube video downloader that’s available on both Mac OS and Windows. With iMdownloader, you can easily save any YouTube music video you want into MP3.

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To download your favorite music from YouTube, you just need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Launch iMdownloader

Once you’ve got iMdownloader installed on your computer, navigate to its location and open it. You will see the main interface of the software. Click on the "Downloader" icon to get started. downloader homepage

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Link of the YouTube Music Video

Open YouTube and find the music video you want to download you've launched the downloader. Copy the URL from the place where the red box is shown below.

youtube url page

Step 3: Paste the Link of the YouTube Music Video

Make sure you’ve already got the link in the clipboard. Now, paste the link you just copied from the YouTube Music Video in the Download bar. Click the "Analyze" button to proceed. The time of research depends on the speed and efficiency of your internet service.

paste youtube mp3 link

Step 4: Adjust the Downloading Settings

If the analysis is done, continue as choosing to download as audio, and then choose MP3 from the formats. Once you have selected to save it as an MP3 file, you can pick the quality of the MP3 file you wish to download—the higher the bit rate, the greater the audio quality. You are choosing the quality of the file on your need. Press the "Download" button to continue once you have finished configuring it.

youtube download audio mp3

Step 5: Check Out Your Downloaded MP3 from YouTube

With iMdownloader’s advanced acceleration technology, downloading songs will be finished in just a couple of seconds if your internet environment is ideal. Press the "Finished" button; then, you will be able to see the MP3 file of your YouTube music video. Enjoy your songs!

youtube download finished interface

More Things You Might Want to Know:

  1. If you loved playing YouTube songs on your cellphone, you are very likely to be in the following circumstance: trying to play YouTube music with your screen off, but once you lock your phone, the music just stops. Downloading the music from the YouTube music video can help you avoid such a circumstance.

  2. Except for buying the expensive YouTube premium membership, there’s a better option: ripping the songs from YouTube to your cellphone with iMdownloader. All you need to do is downloading the MP3 as the above steps and then transfer the songs to your cellphone. If you are an iPhone user, please refer to: “YouTube to iPhone: How to Load Your Phone with Songs (opens new window).”

  3. A great feature of iMdownloader is playlist downloading. It means you can download all videos from an entire YouTube playlist at once. In this way, you don’t need to copy and paste the link of your favorite songs one by one. Instead, now an entire album can be downloaded with just a single click. To learn more about playlist downloading, refer to: “The Best Way to Download a YouTube Playlist (opens new window).”

  4. When downloading songs to your computer, choose the download directory carefully. Don’t mix the MP3 with other important data or system files. Try to create a separate folder for YouTube songs you download and name it with a clear title that’s easy to find.

  5. Sometimes, when you choose to download from some specific resources from YouTube, you might see the notification of analysis failed. Don’t worry. It’s very likely to be a network issue. Just go check out if your VPN is turned on or if the internet connection is normal.

Download YouTube Music with YouTube Music Premium to Your Smart Devices

YouTube Music Premium service will allow you to download YouTube Music Playlists to the YouTube Music app onto your smart devices if you have already been a User of Youtube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. What’s noticeable is that if you are a first-time user of this service, YouTube will offer you a one-month free trial so you can test it first. They also provide family and student plans, which might save you a couple of bucks.

youtube music premium

With the membership, you can download music to your devices in the following steps:

Step 1. Open the YouTube app on your smart device.

Step 2. Tap the profile icon in the right upper corner and link to your YouTube account (the one you have subscribed to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium).

Step 3. Find a track you like to download. You'll see the "Download" option by pressing the three-dot icon behind the song. To listen offline, tab it, and you can stream YouTube songs. That’s all you need to do to download music with a YouTube premium membership.

In the End

I hope this article can help you with your downloading needs. If you found this article useful, welcome to share it to the ones you know who also have similar needs. Thank you for your reading and please stay tuned for more useful tips and tutorials.

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