SoundCloud allows music producers worldwide and consumers to interact with each other through tracks and music albums. It has nowadays become one of the most competitive music sharing and social platforms. But have you ever met difficulties in downloading your favorite track? In fact, SoundCloud provides its users a download button, while the publishers also have the right to cancel the download, which is quite reasonable.

SoundCloud quite understands the users’ need to enjoy the music offline, but it also shows respect for the publishers who have the right to conceal the download button. In this circumstance, a SoundCloud downloader may help. We recommend a free SoundCloud downloader----iMdownloader to you. iMdownloader allows you to download any SoundCloud so it can eliminate the trouble of finding a download button.

Its user-friendly design has dramatically simplified the downloading. Hence, you can get your favorite SoundCloud songs and tracks freely at high speed. Now, choose one of the versions for your device and start the SoundCloud songs downloading!

Part 1. What is iMdownloader?

iMdownloader supports the users to download their favorite SoundCloud songs to mp3. This SoundCloud downloader is available on both Mac and Windows. More importantly, it has solved the problem that the users want to download a SoundCloud song whose publishers concealed their download buttons. In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to make the download with a high speed and high quality (which can be up to 320kpbs) through iMdownloader. Let’s move on.

Part 2. Steps to download SoundCloud songs.

This instruction is specifically for those don’t have any download buttons. Of course, those have buttons that can also be downloaded through the following steps. Now, it’s time to start downloading!

# Step 1. Open iMdownloader

After the download is complete, please launch it, and iMdownloader’s intuitive homepage will pop up.

imdownloader win installed interface

# Step. 2 Paste the URL of the song from SoundCloud.

Find a SoundCloud track or song you like, and copy the URL on the top of the website, which is the crucial step of downloading.

win soundcloud url

Now, let’s turn to iMdownloader and paste the link into the URL input box. Hit the Analyze button. We’re almost there!

imdownloader win url paste

Tip: iMdownloader will note its downloading status so that you will see the red note while it’s analyzing. Please be patient. Your SoundCloud is waiting for you.

imdownloader win rednote

# Step 3. Choose the MP3 quality.

If you officially download SoundCloud songs from its website through the download buttons, SoundCloud only provides you the songs with 128kpbs. Here, iMdownloader offers you more choices than SoundCloud, which the 320kpbs enables you to have a smooth and comfortable listening.

imdownloader win mp3 attributes

# Step 4. Enjoy!

Now, all is done! Your favorite SoundCloud song is waiting for you in the Finished tag. This SoundCloud downloader also saves the music on your device. Now, please enjoy!.

imdownloader win finished

# What’s More

On SoundCloud, common people get the chance to put their music on the stage appreciated by the listeners worldwide, which shapes SoundCloud into a large music material pool. SoundCloud stands on both the publishers and the users. Publishers can choose to promote freely music freely or not. Therefore, users may sometimes be blocked by the concealed download button when looking for the music resource. But it doesn’t matter if they have this SoundCloud downloader----iMdownloader. Welcome to reach out if there is any question.

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