Are you struggling with downloading online music to your computer, iPhone, or iPod? Nowadays, almost everything costs. If you are looking for an easy way to download music for free, you are coming to the right place. Today, we are going to introduce you to some most effective ways to download your favorite music in MP3 for free.

Part 1. SoundCloud - Unlimited Music Streaming

One of the most popular websites where you can download and listen to music is SoundCloud. You can find numerous audio tracks here, as well as on YouTube: remixes, karaoke, unreleased tracks, and much more. There are so many new musicians and performers posting their music on SoundCloud, and you're sure to find some that fit your taste.

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Soundcloud has amazing remixes of famous songs that you'll never find anywhere else. So, don't waste your time right now and create a SoundCloud account. You can sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts if you don't want to fill out the forms. Look for a track with the "Free Download" icon, then and click it to download the song.

Sadly, you would not be allowed to download the bulk of popular music due to technical restrictions. They are only available for listening.

However, there’s a way to surpass the limit and download all the songs from SoundCloud. Please read on, and we will introduce an easy and versatile way to download music that is not offered for download by the site.

Part 2. YouTube - Find Your Favorite Music Videos

Besides Soundcloud, YouTube is another place where you can find music videos from the Billboards top songs that you can hear everywhere to indie music that might not be known by the mainstream, and you can find it all here. As you might already know, due to the restrictions of YouTube, it's forbidden to download videos directly. However, with the help of iMdownloader, you can easily download any music from YouTube, and other sites with just a few clicks.

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iMdownloader is a convenient and powerful YouTube downloader, which is available on both Windows and Mac OS. By using iMdownloader, you can easily download and convert your favorite YouTube music video to MP3. Drawing upon its powerful downloading functions and straightforward design, download videos with iMdownloader become incredibly fast and easy. The use of downloader is very straightforward, and I am going to show you in a few steps:

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  1. Navigate to YouTube and copy the link to the music video from YouTube that you want to download.
  2. Launch iMdownloader and click on the "Downloader" button, then you will be able to see a downloading bar that you can put a link to.
  3. Paste the YouTube link you just copied and hit "Analyze" to let iMdownloader start working and fetch the video you want. Once the analysis finishes.
  4. Choose "Audio" and set the downloading format to MP3 in the options.
  5. Click the "Finished" button, and you will see your downloaded YouTube music.

Tips: Besides downloading regular music video, iMdownloader also supports playlist downloading. Instead of downloading the songs you like one by one from a collection, you can download the whole playlist at once. To learn more, please refer to: "The Best Way to Download a YouTube Playlist."

Part 3. - Fit You Unique Taste is another site known for a series of amazing tracks. Unlike other music streaming platform, is actually pretty friendly about downloading. You can find a specific section for music that offers free downloading on There are a lot of genres you'll find in the chart on the top. Pick a genre and review the tracks that you can get. If you found anything amazing, you just need to press the Download button right after the track to get this song on your PC. download button

Unfortunately, music quality is not listed, but before downloading it, you can listen to it to make sure the quality. Of course, the free section isn't as big as YouTube, but you can still find some good old tracks here.

Part 4. – Listen to the Classics is a good source of free instrumental music, particularly for those who study, teach musical instruments. You can also find sheet music and instructional materials for a variety of instruments. You need to create an account if you want to download a particular composition. After that, you can either browse the catalog to view all the music or search for music by composer, artist or instrument. Click on the one you need and pick the track you want to download. Listen to the composition to check if it's the one you need, and then press the arrow to download the way.

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Part 5. NoiseTrade – Trade Your Email for Music

NoiseTrade is a user-generated platform where fans can exchange their e-mail addresses for free music and books. All content is given by users and does not reflect endorsement by Paste Editorial staff. You will find a lot of music that you can download for free. The interface is very sleek, which makes it pleasant to browse the website. You'll find up-to-date and trendy charts to pick from. Unfortunately, doesn't reveal the music file's quality, but it lets you listen to the song before you download it.

 NoiseTrade download button

But more or less, you're going to be able to decide if you really want to do it. In addition, each album includes a short overview and information about related artists to be reviewed. After that, press the orange Music Download button, you need to create an account and sign in, or you can sign in with Facebook. Once you are signed in, you will be able to download the track to your computer.

# In the End

After reading through the five ways mentioned above, you must have a better understanding of how to download MP3 from the Internet. These ways all have their own advantages and requirements for downloading, and you can have a try on all of them. Among these methods, YouTube downloading with iMdownloader may seem the one that costs the most effort, but it would also be the one that gives us the most bang for the buck because of its quality and quantity music video. Meanwhile, with iMdownloader, you will be able to download video/audio from more than 1000 sites. If you are interested in how to download from other sites, please refer to: "How to Download Any Video via URL."

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